A Brief History of Waldorf MD

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Waldorf MD is located about 23 miles to the south east of the United States capitol of Washington, D.C. It is situated in Charles County Maryland. In the Census taken in 2000, the population of Waldorf MD was 22,311. This number does not include those in St. Charles. Waldorf was a rural town that was settled before 1900. It was originally called “Beantown” after a family that lived there locally at that time. Most of the area has now been taken over by St.Charles.

The town was named using a German word, “waldorf” which means a “forest village.” Most of Charles County Maryland is known for its production of tobacco and Waldorf was known as a Tobacco village.  Changes in the city were influenced by the legalization of slot machines in 1949. During the 1950s it became a large gambling community. Some of the predominant casinos include The Flamingo, The Wigwam and The Stardust. This big boom of gambling lasted only until 1968. This brought further changes in the law and gambling became illegal once again.

Waldorf MD began to grow during the early 1970s partially due to a loan package supplied by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This loan encouraged many housing developments and the area began to grow quickly. The city is really a sort of “bedroom community” for those who commute to other areas to work. Many commute to the nation’s capitol of Washington, D.C. and a large portion of the population travel to local military bases.

Most of the locals work in some capacity with the Sales and Service industry. This is largely because of the St. Charles Town Center Mall. It was opened in 1987 and is a major attraction for shoppers from across the area including Virginia, Maryland and Washington. It has been a thriving industry especially since a complete makeover in 2007. Because of the growth it has been called the “Shopping Capital of Southern Maryland.” Even more recently there has been considerable growth in both shopping as well as other community activities.

The area has also become a home for many car dealerships. The historic U.S. Route 301 runs through the center of Waldorf MD and has the nickname, “Waldorf Motor Mile.” This is because of all the car dealerships which are situated along the main strip.

Education has been an important feature for this area over the years. The third public high school was opened in 2005. This school is dedicated to programs for students who are advanced in science and technology. The fourth high school is scheduled to open in 2013. There is also a college campus located in the town. The College of Southern Maryland’s campus is in the city limits.

Throughout this town’s history many mid-rise office buildings and hotels have continued to be signs of growth in this thriving community. It also has an indoor sports center which includes an ice rink. This sports complex is called the “Capital Clubhouse.”

Waldorf MD has grown over the years. From its humble beginnings it has become an important center of activity.


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